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Texas, US
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“Kawaii helps businesses and organizations make data-driven decisions.”

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Kawaii, a tech company with an intriguing history, was founded by Isuki Karon over a decade ago. This journey began with a simple yet innovative concept – to assist customers in managing their contacts and improving customer relationship management (CRM). As Kawaii ventured into the tech industry, it evolved in response to the changing needs of its clients.

Initially established to revolutionize contact and customer relationship management (CRM), DUAXT quickly adapted and expanded its suite of services to cater to the dynamic tech industry. Today, DUAXT’s diverse offerings include:

  • Sales Boost with AI: DUAXT empowers businesses like Kawaii with AI-driven strategies that enhance sales and revenue. By leveraging advanced AI tools, Kawaii can unlock new growth opportunities and improve customer engagement.
  • AI-Enhanced Marketing: With DUAXT’s AI-enhanced marketing solutions, Kawaii can revolutionize its customer experience. Personalized marketing campaigns, data-driven insights, and customer engagement optimization are just a few benefits that lead to improved client satisfaction and brand loyalty.

DUAXT’s multifaceted approach brought transformative solutions:

  1. Sales Boost with AI: Leveraging AI-powered strategies, DUAXT helped Kawaii identify new market opportunities, predict customer preferences, and optimize sales efforts. This resulted in substantial revenue growth.
  2. AI-Enhanced Marketing: DUAXT revolutionized Kawaii’s marketing endeavors with AI-driven personalization. This led to higher customer engagement, increased loyalty, and improved experiences.

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