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Florida, USA
167 Employees

“ Parley is a consulting company that helps businesses grow. We believe in the power of small business, and we want to help you make your dreams come true.”

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Parley has been a valued customer of DUAXT for several years, and their journey with us is a testament to the transformative power of our services. Parley initially operated as an independent consulting agency, driven by the vision and expertise of its founder. However, as their goals expanded and ambitions grew, they recognized the need for a dedicated team to help them realize their full potential.

One of Parley’s primary challenges was gaining access to essential business services and education tailored to their unique needs. They had previously engaged with another service provider but found the quality of service to be less than satisfactory. Seeking a more effective and cost-efficient solution, Parley turned to DUAXT for assistance.

DUAXT stepped in as the strategic partner Parley needed, offering a comprehensive solution designed to address their specific challenges. Parley’s primary objective was to gain greater control over their operations and educational resources while simultaneously reducing costs compared to their previous provider.

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